Middle School

The Best Middle School in San Luis Potosí

(From 5th grade to 8th grade)

Our Middle School Principal message


7:50 to 14:20 hrs.


50% English Curriculum


3 hours per week


3 hours per week


2 hours per week

Arts and creativity

2 hours per week

In Middle School our students get knowledge, developing different skills while exploring and defying challenges in teams.

We apply for the Lifestyle Program through 6 areas:

Digital Citizenship

It provides the students' tools for the use of online information in a safe way. We also avoid cyberbullying, creating strong passwords, texting safety, finding reliable news, among others.

Culture and Music

Once your daughter has identified the artistic movement she would like to develop; the school will be in charge of helping her to enhance her talent and to keep working with a specific technique.

Arts and Crafts

In maker space, girls develop creativity, making prototypes of mechanics, electricity, video, and audio production. We use drills, hammers, brushes, green screens, digital apps, and more.

Affection Workshops

We take care of our students' emotions through conferences and activities related to friendship, affection, partnership and the emotional intelligence development.

Ecological Culture

Students make recycling campaigns, appreciating and showing their interest about the environment, and working as a solidarity community that helps preserve it.

Gastronomy and Nutrition

Your daughter already knows the basis of the ingredients. She uses them to make more complex courses, being aware of the nutrients and calories needed for a healthy and balanced diet.

Active Methodologies

Our students' lessons place them as the learning center through routines and thinking skills: Flipped classroom, PBL (Project Based Learning), Collaborative Learning, and more.


Educational Technology

The Educational Technology program is applied with IPads through the Arukay System, where the students learn the basics of coding in a fun way.

We work with the Google for Education platform.



International Trips

Multicultural immersion in English and French

  • Our students have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia in 6th grade, where they will take an international cooking course for a week.
  • They also get the chance to spend summers in Paris or London and have different cultural experiences.



Lomas del Real Institute is a bilingual school; this means that 50% of the programs are taught in English, our students acquire the language domain.



Information about our tuition

Submission, tuition, and admission exam prices.

We have support and scholarship programs.

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Math and Reading

  • CIME: Constructivist mathematical pedagogical model.
  • Progrentis: E-Learning solution focused on the development of attention capacity and key skills for the Digital Age: Phonological Awareness, Perception, Space Management, Decoding (basic), Literal Comprehension (basic), Vocabulary and writing (fundamental), Retention (basic), Patterns and sequences (basic) among others.


  • Sports disciplines such as soccer, acrobatic and choreographic cheers, and volleyball, participating in local and national leagues and tournaments.


  • Declamation Sample
  • Poetry exhibition
  • Mathematics and Spelling
  • Spelling Bee
  • RealMun
  • Music

Extracurricular Activities

  • Academic advising.
  • Book Fair.
  • Nutrition Week.
  • Social work.
  • French classes as an optional language.
  • Club Mirabel: study time, dance, cooking, and training talks.
  • Cultural / educational visits and tours.
  • Workshops: Music and Maker Lab.
  • We prepare our students to receive the Confirmation.

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