Mission and Vision


Lomas del Real is a quality and cutting-edge school for families, where we educate, through a comprehensive and personalized education, Christian women capable of carrying out their life project to influence society.


The vision of Lomas del Real is to establish itself as a cutting-edge reference in the field of education and comprehensive training, impacting families and society with a Christian sense.



    Work well-done


    Unity of life


    Personal treatment


    Social commitment






    Respect for the dignity of the person and the family

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Centros Educativos Potosinos, A.C. (CEPAC) was founded in 1983 by a group of parents with the intention of offering comprehensive and cutting-edge education to their children. These were given the task of promoting the creation of educational institutions that ensure the attention of all aspects of the person: intellectual, technical, cultural, sports, aesthetic, social and spiritual.

At first, the facilities were located in Valentín Gama corner with National Anthem. Later, in 1986, the three schools were separated as was the initial plan: Instituto Real de San Luis (All boys school), Instituto Lomas del Rea (All girls college) and Kínders del Real (education for boys and girls of between 2 and 7years).


On February 16, 1992, work began on the construction of Instituto Lomas del Real. In the current facilities on the way to the San José Dam 2005.