At Kinders del Real

we shape happy children capable of using innovation to improve their environment

From six-week-old babies to six-year-old children

We have 3 locations for your children to develop their skills while having fun:

At Kinders del Real, your children develop a competitive advantage that impacts each stage of their future

 1 PBL®: Our Main Methodology

PBL (Project Based Leaning) is a methodology based on quality projects that engage your child in activities, games, and academic experiences, achieving lessons at every step of their life.

Why PBL?

  • Your children will be immersed in situations that will motivate them to put their skills into practic to accomplish challenges, solve problems and deepen new knowledge, being the protagonists of their own learning.
  • Your children will participate in their community, achieving a positive impact through their projects and new learnings in real-life situations.

 2 Neurosciences in Preschool

In our kindergartens, each day is a unique and qualitative experience that will allow your children to build new neural networks through active interaction within their environment.

  • Our balanced and motivating environments are designed and created for your children to explore, think and express their ideas.
  • Our teaching staff focuses on enhancing each of our students' cognitive, social and emotional development.

 3 Emotional Intelligence

Our students live in harmony, being more empathetic and sensitive.

We have:

  • Preceptorship (personalized coaching): Teachers and parents acquire knowledge from the students to enhance their strengths and promote their optimal integral development.
  • Personalized attention: A multidisciplinary and professional team that addresses each child's unique needs through constant classroom observations and authentic assessment processes.
  • CEYDI: Experts in Psychology who support in psychological, pedagogical, and emotional areas.

 4 Creativity and Innovation

Through our STEAM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) your children will develop their creativity, analysis ability, hypothesis generation, problem-solving, and collaborative work, where they'll be the protagonists of their own learning.

Coding and Programming. Your child will immerse in an active, ludic, and effective program of introduction to the basics of programming and coding.


 5 Human Formation

We promote the development of fundamental values and virtues for life through:

  • Mentoring
  • School for parents
  • Education in Faith
  • Social service
  • Conferences
  • Virtue training