Psychopedagogical Department

Center for Stimulation and Intellectual Development

In the Psychopedagogical Department, we are dedicated to identifying challenges in academic, emotional, behavioral, and social aspects of our students at an early age, with the goal of supporting their comprehensive development.

Additionally, we provide guidance and counseling to parents, equipping them with practical tools for raising their children.


Children served


Parent and teacher consultations


Assessments conducted for our students


Of our students were referred early on

Our activities include:

  • Detection of students with academic, social, or emotional difficulties affecting their school performance
  • Observation and collection of information using protocols
  • Referral of students to specialists
  • Application of different Standardized Assessments
  • Follow-up interviews with kindergarten staff, parents, and/or specialists
  • Regular progress reports for the students
  • Development of concrete strategies tailored to the needs of each student

Learn about the process we implement with our students:



1. Identification of developmental indicators

We identify and assess key developmental indicators to determine the need for an evaluation.


2. Parent Communication and Authorization

We conduct an interview through the guidance department to present the indicator results, discussing potential courses of action.


3. Observation and testing

We conduct observations, gather information, and administer specific assessments.


4. Feedback to parents

We share the results with parents and provide feedback on the conducted assessment.


5. Action plan

We create an action plan to work within the school.


6. Multidisciplinary teamwork

We collaborate between the kindergarten, family, and specialists to establish objectives, agreements, and specific tasks for each environment.

Specialists from the Center for Intellectual Stimulation and Development


Andrea Herrero

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, kinder del Real Himalaya


Cristina Mendoza

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, kinder del Real la Loma y Pedregal


Francisco Vera

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, colegio Real de San Luis


Juan Pablo Ruedas

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, colegio Real de San Luis


Montserrat Azcona

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, colegio Lomas del Real


Ruth Malacara

Specialist in Psychopedagogy, colegio Lomas del Real