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Through these 6 areas, it is shown how Instituto Lomas del Real manages to teach our students skills for their future.

1 Lifestyle Program


The objective of this program is to train responsible and prepared women to face today's world, being able to make decisions. In this program, we integrate different areas to develop their talents.

  • We train women to develop their skills.
  • Our students will be able to face all kinds of challenges.
  • We teach women who will become role models in society.

In the Lifestyle Program we work the following areas:

Healthy Life

In the gastronomy lab, they develop different techniques and skills for a healthy life.


Our students develop professional STEAM and SOFT SKILLS.

Music & Culture

They can learn up to 18 musical instruments.

Digital Citizenship

We teach students to use technology safely and responsibly, making them reliable digital citizens.

Created to Love

We help to shape your daughter's character and emotions.

Ecological Culture

We develop the relationship between the students and their environment working on the 3 Rs; Recycling, Reducing and Reusing.


Active Methodologies

We place the student as the learning center; making her more independent as she is the one who builds her own learning. In other words, our students no longer only learn by memorization and repetition.

  • It enables them to learn through inquiry and discovery.
  • It focuses on observation and judgment based on current events and prototyping.
  • It develops students' critical thinking because it focuses on problem-solving, collaborative work, among others.

Educational Technology

At the Instituto Lomas del Real we teach through a complete technological project that prepares them for future professional jobs that are not still created nowadays.



It is based on a system named Arukay founded at Harvard University. Our students develop programming and computing thinking as a third language through challenges and projects related to science, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

One to one

With an iPad for each student, we make interactive learning; this motivates and facilitates them to work as a team, making knowledge more meaningful.

Digital skills

They develop the ability to move quickly in the digital environment supported by the Google for Education Suite to use digital resources and tools, making them creators of technology and not consumers.

Maker space

We use electrical and mechanical elements to make our students develop projects for mastering information and communication technologies.


Human Education

We train women to have integrity and strong beliefs that impact the world positively.

We promote the growth of essential virtues for students life such as strength, respect, justice, responsibility, and friendship through:

  • School for parents
  • Theology classes
  • Social work
  • Conferences
  • Training virtues
  • Community Activities

Life Project

Through self-knowledge, our students can visualize their strengths and abilities to help them with their personal and professional development.

  • We have a personal interview.
  • We provide feedback to parents at least three times a year based on student's academic and personal performance.
  • Through self-knowledge, our students can visualize their strengths and abilities to help them in their personal and professional development.


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Frequent questions

Why is ILR split up into four sections Elementary, Middle, and High School?

The objective is to promote healthy coexistence according to the age of the students by section. For this reason, each level has its areas and different recreation and sport times.

Is the certificate of Primary, Secondary, and High School that they grant valid?

We are incorporated into the Ministry of Public Education, and all students obtain a certificate of Primary (6th grade), Secondary (3rd grade), and the Colegio de Bachilleres de San Luis Potosí (High School).