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High School International

50% English Curriculum

High School GAC

80% English Curriculum


2 hours per week


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2 hours per week

Arts and creativity

2 hours per week

Our Students are prepared through entrepreneurship for their professional life.

We are the only High School in San Luis Potosi to offer the GAC program.


Global Assessment Certificate

GAC is a pre-university program that prepares young students for future university challenges. The GAC is taken from 10th to 12th grade.


American College Test

American College Test Evaluation is an evaluation that validates High School studies. This test allows students to have access to international universities. We are the only institution in San Luis Potosi that provides this evaluation.

Vocational guidance

We help to identify the interests and abilities of each student so that they make the best career choice according to their life project.

We have agreements with more than 100 National and International Universities



Our students can full their university dreams abroad.

  • In counseling, we company our students to enter the best universities abroad.
  • We help them in their career and university selection anywhere in the world.
  • We guide them in the process of scholarships applications, admissions, and study plans.

Program Lifestyle

Arts and Crafts

In maker space, girls develop creativity. They make mechanics, electricity, video, and sound production prototypes through tools, such as a drill, hammer, brushes, green screens, digital applications, among others. In the driving course, they learn to change a tire, check a car's oil, and drive responsibly.

Digital Citizenship

It provides female students with tools to manage privacy and security, fingerprint and identity, relationships and communication, cyberbullying, digital drama, hate speech, news, and media literacy.

Ecological Culture

The students carry out recycling campaigns appreciating and expressing an interest about the environment with a solidarity community work that helps to preserve it.

Culture and Music

The students have already mastered the instrument they have chosen and can be part of the orchestra.

Gastronomy and Nutrition

The students work on haute cuisine techniques such as Charcoal, molecular cooking, bakery, nutrition, and tables for events.

Affection Workshops

Through talks and activities, we form a relationship of friendship, affection, acceptance, and companionship. In the School, we promote from the grassroots the formation of character, maturity, and emotional intelligence, which allow them to say NO to social pressures.

Enterprising Women

  • The students acquire the basic and necessary knowledge to create a company with training subjects and cases taught by Universidad Panamericana.
  • The students hold a business fair with a demonstration and sale of products made by them.
  • Family enterprise Program: This is a program where father and daughter participate together, explaining different successful business situations.

International High School

  • It is a general High School program where, in addition to the fact that students are certified with a specialty they receive bicultural training with subjects in English and Spanish language.
  • Lomas del Real Institute is a bilingual school; this means that 50% of the programs are taught in English, our students acquire the mastery of the language.
  • We offer support to the students choosing their career and university.

Global Assessment Certificate, GAC

  • Certification prepares students by developing competencies and skills to be successful in their studies and professional life.
  • Female students can enter universities in all English-speaking and local countries.
  • GAC subjects are taught in English.
  • More than 200 English-speaking universities around the world have an agreement with us.
  • ACT official application. One semester of college credits is validated.

GAC counts with the academic endorsements of the following institutions:



  • English Classes are taught in Natural Science, Biology, Business, Science and Social subjects.
  • The students master the four language skills in English: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
  • Our students have the option of presenting the Cambridge FCE and TOEFL Certification.

International Trips

  • Our students have the opportunity to visit GAC pathway universities mainly in the United States; this experience makes them have a deeper view of her future.
  • Students travel to Boston, New York, visiting MIT, Harvard, Film New York Academy and some others. This kind of trips allow them to have different cultural experiences.
  • They also get the chance to spend summers in Paris or London and have English or French courses.


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