Personalized education so that each student can develop their talents

We are a group of schools that specialize in comprehensive and personalized education for boys and girls. We seek to make a Christian impact on families and society.

Colegios del Real Grupo Educativo is comprised of three institutions with the same mission:

Differentiated education

Single-sex education has been shown over the years to be an educational style that helps shape successful students.


  • Supports the learning characteristics specific to each gender
  • Environment where gender stereotypes are not present
  • Higher academic levels
  • Develops self-esteem by not subjecting it to competition between genders
  • Strengthens social competencies

Human and Spiritual Formation

At Real de San Luis, we educate individuals who are free and open to transcendence, and we strive to develop well-rounded women who can influence the transformation of their environment.


  • Transcendent vision of human existence
  • Principles of human dignity
  • Christian identity, its values, and virtues in society
  • Pedagogical tools for parents in the formation of their children


The spiritual formation we provide is entrusted to the Opus Dei - Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church - which promotes values such as:

  • Sanctification in ordinary work
  • Respect for freedom of conscience
  • Love for the Church
  • Unity of life
  • Practice of virtues among parents, teachers, and students