Personalized Education

"Mentoring: the best coaching for your kids"

Educating is helping to grow, that’s why at Instituto Real de San Luis, parents and teachers work together for the personal excellence of our students.

Why our personalized education is better

  • Involves the family in the integral development of their child.
  • Improves the student's academic performance.
  • Encourages communication between the student, the family and the School.
  • Specialized preceptors in each stage and circumstance of the student.
  • It allows the student to express freely each and every one of their concerns.

Discover the experience

and know in detail the educational project for your boys.


A personal mentor for each student

Each family is assigned a mentor in charge of coordinating the education of their son for his continuous improvement at home and at school.

The assignment of the mentor is done by analyzing the needs of each student, generating an atmosphere of trust and empathy.


The value of mentoring

Through a system of personal interviews, unique in Mexico, the coach guides the student and parents, maintaining with these 3 sessions a year, with the goal of giving them feedback on the academic and personal performance of their child.