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Our director Katia Horner's commitment

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Learn about our actions against Covid 19 and how we are managing the return to physical classes in our School.

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The world is changing, and the education of our children must change too.


Baby Care

From 42 days old

We provide a loving environment that guarantees the well-being and emotional development of your baby.



Walking from 1 to 2 years

Your child experiences and discovers in a dynamic and fun way, involving all his senses.



2 to 3 years

Your child will constantly be on the go, exploring and learning, making his first friends.


Preschool 1

3-4 years

We are laying the foundations of social and intellectual development in a harmonious and playful environment.


Preschool 2

4-5 years

Your child will enhance the natural affinity for languages, accompanied by explorations and discoveries.


Preschool 3

5 to 6 years

Live the emotion of your first readings, your independence. The world awaits you!

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Baby Care Service

  • We receive babies starting from six-week-olds.
  • We have a nursery and personnel qualified in protocol management to provide excellent care for your baby.
  • We have security service and surveillance throughout the day.
  • There's independent access to receive and hand over babies.

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Nutrition service:

We have a child nutriologist who plans balanced menus for our students according to their ages and studies level.

Baby Care and Nursery's regular schedules include food



We offer the following schedules:

  • Baby Care, Nursery and Toddlers: 8:30 am a 1:00 pm
  • Preschool 1: 8:30 am a 1:30 pm
  • Preschool 2 y 3: 8:30 am a 1:50 pm

Extended schedule from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

The maximum capacity per classroom in regular activities is 25 students.

*The tuition for extended schedules includes the Food Program.

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 Language immersion

Natural language immersion in the first years allows kids to expand their limits, offering openness to different multicultural environments.

  • Bilingual education (English-Spanish): 50% minimum immersion, increasing with each scholar year. Conversational approach for developing the 4 skills of the English language: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Our students practice a wide vocabulary range and simple grammar structures through audiovisual modules for language immersion.

We stimulate proper pronunciation through early phonetic immersion.


Psychopedagogical Department

We are dedicated to identifying challenges in academic, emotional, behavioral, and social aspects of our students at an early age.

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Every boy and every girl is extraordinary and unique



Information about our tuition

Registration, tuition and admission exam prices.


Open admissions

We have places available request an appointment and get to know:

  • Admission profile
  • Requirements
  • Admission process

  Interdisciplinary workshops

Through the following workshops, our experts spread their passion and stimulate the love for learning:

  • Literary promotion through music and stories
  • Art
  • Orchard
  • Dancing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • In Motion Gym
  • Language Immersion Through Audiovisual Modules
  • Maker
  • Education in faith

Extracurricular activities for extended schedule:

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Body Expression

  After-School Activities







(For 3rd grade girls)

 Frequent questions

How many students are there per class?The maximum space per classroom is 25 students.

What is the Real Kids philosophy?Our philosophy is based on the teamwork of our teachers with parents, achieving happy children with moral foundations and an excellent academic level.