Human and Spiritual Formation

“Education based values and virtues”

The development of human and spiritual virtues is a fundamental part of our philosophy. At Instituto Real de San Luis we believe that an education in virtues allows us to train our students to be better citizens.

Benefits of Human and Spiritual formation

  • Transcendent vision of human existence.
  • Principles of dignity of the person.
  • Christian identity, its values and virtues in society.
  • Pedagogical tools for parents in the education of their children.

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Opus Dei

The spiritual formation that we offer at Instituto Real de San Luis is entrusted to the Opus Dei -Personal Prelature of the catholic church, which strengthen values such as:

  • Respect for conscience freedom.
  • Love to the church.
  • Unit of life.
  • Virtues practice among parents, teachers and students.
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