Software and programs for innovative learning

“The best tools for quality learning” *Since first grade they take programming.

At Instituto Real de San Luis we take advantage of the most innovative tools in the field of educational technology:
  • Coding. Development of programming language skills with software’s such as: CODE, SCRATCH, C++, KODU, PSELNT and Flash.
  • Electrónica. Les permitirá experimentar con la tecnología; primero que nada, conociendo cómo funcionan las cosas; cómo utilizar: resistencias, leds, circuitos, etc., para después crear soluciones originales e innovadoras.
  • La plataforma Achieve 3000 permite elevar a niveles internacionales la lectura de los alumnos.
  • With platforms like Khan Academy, each student achieves his or her best level of mathematics.
  • With the Neuromotor Program they achieve a higher level of attention and concentration.
  • Certification Testing Program for all students, from 6th grade, on the main computer packages with international validity (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)
  • Use of iPads to familiarize yourself with different virtual platforms.

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Science laboratory

Besides the technology in their school activities, they have three science laboratories where they can apply and develop the scientific method in attractive practices.