Bilingual and Bicultural School

“Global vision through the learning of other languages”

The importance of a bilingual school is to enrich their students with other languages that allow to expand their academic possibilities.

High and competetive English level at Instituto Real de San Luis

  • Parameters based on international exams by the University of Cambridge.
  • GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) certification for High school students.
  • ACT Certification (American College Test) to facilitate students access to American universities.
  • Preparation of students to obtain the IELTS and TOEFL certifications.

Discover the experience

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Bicultural education

The educational process includes subjects in English (English, vocabulary, etc) and curricular subjects in this language such as science, geography, history, etc


Knowledge and Global vision

The students can expand their academic and formative perspective through:

  • International trips.
  • French, German and Italian classes módulos de lenguaje de Francés, Alemán e Italiano.
  • Dynamics and multicultural integration activities.