Music and Art

“Music and Art”

Music and art are important to develop their virtues and abilities, as well as their creative thinking, since a very young age.

Benefits of musical and artistic activities

  • Intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development.
  • It favors the learning of other subjects.
  • It provides security.
  • Helps with concentration.
  • Improves body expression.
  • Contributes for their future professional development.
  • Increases sense of responsibility.

Discover the experience

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The student’s curriculum includes a music program in which each student has the opportunity to learn some of the more than 10 music instruments that make up the orchestra of Instituto Real de San Luis.


In the visual arts classroom, the students get to know and practice the different paint techniques: watercolor, oil painting, sculpture, etc. This allows them to be sensitized to be able to perceive the world in a different way.