La educación diferenciada ha demostrado ser, a lo largo de los años, un estilo educativo que ayuda a formar estudiantes exitosos.

Benefits of Differentiated Education

  • Support for the learning characteristics of each gender.
  • Environment where gender stereotypes do not exist.
  • Better academic levels.
  • Develops self-esteem, by not subjecting it to competitions between genders.
  • Strengthens their social competences.

Fundamentals of differentiated education

It is based in the latest discoveries of neurosciences and takes advantages of the latest rhythms, styles and modes of learning that exist between men and women to adapt and make the teaching – learning process more efficient.

Fundamentos de la educación diferenciada
La base de una educación integral

The basis of a comprehensive education

In Instituto Real de San Luis, the educational model is used to create a favorable environment for the development and performance of our students, in tune with their individual needs.