The international academic certifications position our students in global standards for achieve success in their future.

Certifications benefits

  • Support from institutions such as the University of Cambridge, SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL.
  • We have the GAC and Cambridge University certifications.
  • Bicultural formation.
  • Obtaining scholarship and credit validation.
  • It facilitates the entrance North American universities and around the world.
  • It makes it easier to study, live and work abroad.
  • Certification Test Program for all students, starting off in 6th grade, on main computer packages with international validity (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)

International Certifications that
students from Instituto Real de San Luis obtain

Mandatory requirement in most American universities.
International accepted certifications, from the basic level to intermediate advanced English level.
Accepted in more than 9,000 institutions in
130 countries.
Allows to validate
subjects or credits in
American universities
Essential to study or
work abroad