Mission and Vision


The Kindergartens of Real are quality and cutting-edge educational centers that contribute to the education of families in the early years of their children's lives, through a comprehensive and personalized education in a positive and joyful environment, with a Christian orientation; with the purpose of laying the foundations for their intellectual, physical, emotional, and moral development.


The vision of Kinder del Real is to establish itself as a cutting-edge reference in the field of education and comprehensive training, impacting families and society with a Christian sense.



    Work well-done


    Unity of life


    Personal treatment


    Social commitment






    Respect for the dignity of the person and the family

Get to know our facilities

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Centros Educativos Potosinos, A.C. (CEPAC) was founded in 1983 by a group of entrepreneurs from Mexico City, with the intention of offering comprehensive and cutting-edge education to families, with an educational style based on three principles:

  • Personalized Education.
  • Differentiated Education.
  • Training should be directed primarily to parents, secondly to teachers, and thirdly to students.

Initially, the facilities were located at the corner of Valentín Gama and Himno Nacional. Later, in 1986, the three schools were separated, as was the initial plan: The Real Institute of San Luis (boys' school), the Lomas del Real Institute (girls' school) and the Kinder del Real (education for children aged 2 to 6).


On November 10, construction work began and the land for the current facilities at Cordillera Himalaya 930, in the western part of the city, was blessed.


The new project, Real Kids, began and promotion started for the opening of a new location in Lomas del Tec.


Classes began for Real Kids, at Circuito de la Meseta, and in the second year we moved to a larger house in Arroyo Zarco.


Construction work began and the land for the current facilities of the Real Kids La Loma location, located in Cañada de la Hermita, was blessed.


We launched a new location of Real Kids, which includes a nursery for babies as young as 40 days old and extended hours. Construction work began.


We began activities in the current facilities located on Sierra Vista Ave.


The names of the 3 kindergartens are unified: Kinder del Real.