Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are our class hours?

  • Elementary School from 7:45 to 14:15 hrs.
  • Middle School from 7:45 to 14:20 hrs.
  • High School from 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.

2. Do we have scholarship programs?

  • Family scholarships are offered starting with the third child enrolled in any of the Colegios del Real.
  • Economic scholarships are offered to the families that required it, according to socio-economic studies, through a scholarship committee.

3. Regarding to English, what percentage of English or other languages do students have and what certifications can students obtain?

  • The load of English is from 30% to 50%, depending on the grade, and covers not only the teaching of English as a language but also curricular subjects such as science, civics, geography, history, etc.
  • French, German, and Italian are languages that are also part of the range of languages from 1st to 6th grade.
  • In high school, students have the possibility to continue with a third langue through a virtual platform.
  • The certifications that can be obtained through the University of Cambridge are
    • Starters (2nd grade)
    • Movers (4th grade)
    • Flyers (6th grade)
    • KET (7th grade)
    • PET (8th grade)
    • In addition, they are tested in TOEFL at the end of their high school.

4. Why do we divide the sections in elementary, middle and high school? What about the certificate/diploma of elementary, middle and high school?

The sections are divided into:

  • Four grades of elementary school (1st to 4th grade)
  • Four grades in middle school (5th and 6th grade and 1st and 2nd of secondary school)
  • Four grades in high school (3rd of secondary and 3 of high school)

The divisions are aimed to promote healthy coexistence according to the age of the students for each section. Each section has its own spaces and different schedules for recess and sports.

We are incorporated into the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), therefore all students have the certificates of primary, secondary and high school.

5. How many students are per classroom and how many groups are in each grade?

All the groups have around 25 students and there are two groups per grade.

6. Do all students take music classes? how many instruments have as option? is it necessary to purchase the instrument?

  • All the students from 1st to 8th grade take music classes during the morning as part of their curriculum. In addition, they can take classes in the afternoons.
  • We have more than 10 musical instruments.
  • It is not necessary to purchase any instruments since the school provides them.

7. What are the afterschool activities that are offered?

  • All the sports take place in the afternoon. We offer soccer, indoor soccer, 7-a-side football, basketball, baseball, cross training and track.
  • We offer a variety of workshops: music, art, chess, engineering for kids and robotics, among others.
  • There are also tutoring programs, with no extra charge, for the students that required it.

8. How to avoid bullying?

Our personalized educational program and the preparation of our staff allows us to be close to each student and to detect any abnormal situation promptly.

On the other hand, we have a system of classroom teams that promotes collaborative work, leadership and friendship among our students, substantially resuscitating the possibilities of conflict between them.

9. Why only males?

At Instituto Real de San Luis we are convinced of the multiple benefits of the educational model of sex-differentiated education, based on the recent neuroscience advances that indicate that the different rhythms, styles and modes of learning between men and women are used to adapt and make the teaching-learning process more efficient.
Among the most obvious benefits are:

  • Environment where gender stereotypes do not exist.
  • Better development of self-esteem, by bot subjecting it to competition between genders.
  • Better academic levels.

10. What is GAC? What are the advantages of studying the international certification GAC in this high school?

The GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) is an international certificate that is obtained when the student is in high school. It consists of a set of classes compatible with our curriculum, which prepares our students to enter different American universities and from any other part of the world.

The GAC subjects are divided in English and we are the only institution in San Luis Potosi – and one of the few institutions in all of Mexico- with this program.

11. Do we have agreements with universities for students who graduate from high school?

Our graduates have access to the catalog of agreements of the school with the main universities of the country, as well as access to an international pathway of more than 100 universities through our GAC certification.

This allows them to enter their first career and university of choice with a real scholarship approach.